Steps: From Anxiety to Resilience

We offer many programs at different schools throughout the city. If you or your child attends one of the schools where programs are offered, you may be able to join.

Steps: From Anxiety to Resilience

This is a group for children and youth who are experiencing varying levels of anxiety, and who are struggling in their day to day lives. Overall, the hope is that the Steps program will help facilitate positive peer to peer relationships, help students identify the symptoms of their anxiety and the coping strategies required to address them. As well as to foster better communication between students and their parents, siblings, peers, teachers, counselors, coaches or whoever is present in their lives.

The different topics discussed include:

  • The Cycle of Anxiety (Anxiety and Avoidance)
  • Anxiety and School (Peers, Test, presentations etc.)
  • Self Esteem and Anxiety
  • Social Media and Anxiety
  • Anxiety and Body Image
  • Anxiety and Creativity
  • Inner Critic (Negative Self Talk)
  • Anxiety and Boundaries

In school groups available for grades 7 to 12 throughout the city and surrounding rural areas at various Elementary and High schools. Free to attend for youth grades 7-12. For information and referrals please contact your child’s school Guidance counselor.

Community Program Coordinator: Mackenzie Guliak

Mackenzie has graduated from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and is a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW).  She was born in Saskatchewan and then grew up in the prairies throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta, with her three younger siblings. In high school and while completing her BSW, Mackenzie looked for any opportunity to volunteer and work with children and youth. She volunteered for various children and youth groups and worked with high risk youth, volunteered at the Calgary Young Offenders Center, and worked with individuals with diverse cognitive abilities. As well, she served in a number of over seas mission trips in Mexico, Guatemala and Barbados. Mackenzie takes a very positive approach to life and strives to see the strengths and beauty in everyone that she meets and works with. She is passionate about working with children and youth, and loves supporting them as they learn and grow!

Community Program Coordinator: Kendall Thomas-McEachern

Kendall (She/Her) is a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Regina. Kendall grew up in rural Saskatchewan where she lived with her parents and younger brother.

Kendall’s passion to support children and youth began during her work at the Saskatoon Crisis Nursery. Through this experience Kendall developed a trauma-informed lens to which she demonstrates during her work in the Steps: From Anxiety to Resilience program.

Kendall is passionate about providing both psychoeducational and holistic arts-based methods to the demographics that she serves. She believes these methods of intervention can help build resilience, self-esteem, mindfulness, self-awareness, healthy coping strategies, and social skills.

Currently residing in Saskatoon, SK with her partner and dog Wrigley, Kendall enjoys reading, baking, crafting, and spending quality time with her family and friends.