CFS Saskatoon Early Learning & Family Centre: E.D. Feehan

The E.D Feehan Child & Family Centre has 25 spots for children in the community and since demand changes often, please Contact Us for the most up to date availability. In addition to those spots we have 22 spots for teen parents. Our facility was a previous demonstration site for the Ministry of Education.

411 Avenue M North
Saskatoon, SK S7L 2S7
p: 306.659.7566

The Centre is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Centre Director – Jackie Smith

Jackie has worked at the CFS Saskatoon Early Learning and Family Center ED Feehan location since 2012.  She worked as an Early Childhood Educator prior to becoming the Director in 2017.  Jackie was drawn to the early learning field because of the importance the early years have to life-long development and how positive supports and formative experiences can positively impact a person throughout their lives.  Since 1997 she has worked both in home and center based licensed early learning settings to support children’s learning and development.  Jackie’s experience in these settings reinforces the idea that working in partnership with parents and caregivers supports not only children’s growth and learning but the well-being of the whole family. In her spare time Jackie enjoys spending time with her family including her pets, and love of crafting such as lampworking, fleece spinning, knittingand crocheting.  Like her work with children, she finds the process of learning to be a fun challenge 

“We believe that the environment children are in should be one that is welcoming and nurturing with an emphasis on respect, co-operation, courtesy, personal dignity, security and non-violence. “

Program Details

Our program follows the Play & Exploration curriculum and our meals follow the Canadian Food Guide. Our children have a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities. Early Childhood Educators work in partnership with the parents to ensure each individual child’s developmental needs are met.

  • Caterpillar room: infants 0 –  8 months
  • Bumblebee room: infants from 8 months – 18 months
  • Butterfly room: toddlers 18 months – 30 months
  • Dragonfly room: preschoolers 30 months to 4 years
  • Ladybug room: preschoolers ages 4 & 5

Fee Structure

AgeMonthly Rate
(0 – 18 months)
(19 – 30 months)
(31 months – until grade 1)

Helping Children & Teens

We offer programs geared towards children and teens including both school based workshops and weekly groups. These touch on issues from fear and anxiety, to navigating elementary and high school.