Programs for Parents

CFS Saskatoon believes in building healthy families. And healthy families start with a strong parental influence. Parenting can be tough as we want to equip our children with the tools needed to survive in an ever-changing world.

“My ability to manage stress was not good at the beginning but I have learned to deal with it because of the program. It is really a big help for me as a mother and a parent.”

CFS Saskatoon is committed to providing creative, innovative, and effective parent education programs to support parents and caregivers of children from birth through adolescence.

Groups Available:

Community Presentations

CFS Saskatoon provides a variety of stand-alone sessions that focus on parenting and family life challenges. These workshops can vary from one to six hours depending on need/want.

These are perfect for:

  • Parent School Councils
  • Community Association Workshops
  • Church Groups
  • Workplaces

Please call 306.244.7773 or Contact Us for more information.