Saskatoon Community Service Village

The Saskatoon Community Service Village is a unique model of agency co-location and collaboration. Constructed in 2001, adjacent to the existing YWCA Saskatoon, the Village provides cost-effective and centralized space to 6 community based partner agencies. Incorporated as a non-profit organization with charitable status, the mission of the Village is to enhance the quality of life and services for the community. The partner agencies founded the Village with the goal of operating more efficiently by sharing resources, strengthening each agency’s ability to serve, and improving ways of delivering services to the community. The partner agencies include:

  • CFS Saskatoon
  • Family Service Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service
  • Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre
  • United Way of Saskatoon & Area
  • YWCA Saskatoon

Each partner agency appoints two members to the Village Board of Directors that oversees the operations of the building. The Village is an example of effective partnering that demonstrates increased capacity to serve a wider range of clients with innovative and more integrated services. It is a meeting place for residents of Saskatoon where all can work together to build a stronger and more vibrant community.

Sister Anne O'Brien Scholarship

For full or part time students enrolled in social work, psychology, or educational psychology, a scholarship is available in the name of Sister Anne O'Brien.