Who We Are

Founded in 1941, CFS Saskatoon delivers support to the Saskatoon community by providing relevant and meaningful programs and services to individuals, couples and families. CFS Saskatoon is a leader in developing innovative programs and services often in partnership with other organizations that meet the dynamic and ever changing needs of individuals and families in today’s society.


Grounded in the Catholic tradition of service, CFS Saskatoon builds on and supports people’s inherent strengths through professional counselling, education and community programs, accessible to all.


Strong and healthy individuals, families and communities.

CFS Saskatoon is a mission driven organization with a focus on positive community impact. We achieve results utilizing a variety of strategies including clinical services, family life and education programs as well as comprehensive and strength based community programs. Our qualified staff provide professional and confidential assistance to anyone who is experiencing personal and family difficulties regardless of religious affiliation or ability to pay.

CFS Saskatoon is governed by a community based, volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to the work of the agency.


Service – being of service to others.

Initiative – assuming individual and collective responsibility and leadership in response to needs.

Teamwork – recognizing the contribution of each for the benefit of the whole.

Healthy relationships – fostering positive, respectful, collaborative and supportive relationships with team members, clients, partners and the community.

Professionalism – being knowledgeable, competent, effective and efficient.

Accountability – being accountable to the community and others who entrust CFS Saskatoon with valuable resources.

Ethical conduct – demonstrating integrity, honesty, trust and transparency.